5 thoughts on “Upright Coffee Brooklyn is now OPEN

  1. The Real Juan Valdez

    I am the real Juan Valdez. I offer the following proposition for barter. Three sacks of raw coffee beans for a month’s worth of good old drip coffee (two cups per day). Please advise.
    Gracias por su attencion,

  2. Juan Valdez

    Do you barter for beverages? I have two champion fighting chickens, an 8 pack of AA size batteries and a pair of gently used windshield wipers I’m considering trading. I’m looking for one medium latte. I’d be open to partial or full trades, however I have only 60 cents. Alternatively, if you offer a credit plan, I can pay you one dollar a week for two months until my latte is paid off (interest inclusive). Kindly prepare the necessary documents and run my credit check so we may proceed as expeditiously as possible.

    Warmest Regards,


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