NYC Choking Victim Poster

It’s been a while since we hung our Official NYC choking victim poster. Over the years it’s gotten a bit torn and tattered so we are looking at some new options. Seems like some artists have been helping create much more attractive posters to help shop owners out. NYC allows restaurants to hang many different types of choking victim signs as long as they are legible and have the proper¬†information.

Here are some of the ones we found;

Lara Antal choking victim poster NYC

$69 @


NYC Choking Victim Poster by Animal
Free @


benjamin wright coleman choking victim poster
$50 @



Choking Victim Poster
$50 @

Alex Holden Choking Victim Poster

Tango Themed Choking Victim Poster
$45 @

Phil Ashworth NYC choking victim poster

Sold Out @

Bobs Burger Choking Victim Poster

Only available at Comi Con