Goliath Sportswear on Drop Coffee

Goliath sportswear has launched its “Attention to Detail” advertising campaign. They highlight “Drop Coffee” as the perfect place to get a “genius” cup of coffee. We love their website with beautifully done videos and some really well done user interface. There is even a layer of learning involved as they describe the process of making coffee. Be sure to check the site out here

A small cup of wonder from Goliath Sportswear on Vimeo.
There are 20 chapters to this collection;

  1. The Cupping Cup
  2. We Love the Smell of Coffee in the Morning
  3. The Perfect Cup
  4. To See is to Know
  5. Don’t Ever Be with out This
  6. Coffee Books
  7. Spreading the Love
  8. Managing Expectations
  9. A Little On the Side
  10. We Are Champions
  11. The Coffee Connections
  12. Keep it Small, Keep it Tasty
  13. Know Your Beans
  14. The Ethiopian Connection
  15. The Clouds
  16. It’s in the Grind
  17. Keeping it Honest
  18. Any Time Any Temperature
  19. Grind Your Own
  20. Coffee Tweets