Lavender Latte

Lavender Latte

A few years ago Daniel was experimenting with a bunch of different flavor infusions for a signature latte. He stumbled upon something unexpected when he added some lavender that was set aside for a cake to a cappuccino. There was a sweet smoky floral effect that complimented the coffee perfectly. The smell of the coffee and lavender was wonderful.

A few days later after perfecting the recipe Daniel introduced the lavender latte and Upright Coffee in Brooklyn and it was a hit. Upright has a loyal group of customers that will travel from all of Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan to get this signature drink. Today Upright Coffee, Upright Brew House and Alderaan Coffee all make Daniel’s lavender latte from natural ingredients in house.

In addition to complimenting hot espresso drinks perfectly the lavender elevates an iced latte, iced coffee or an almond latte. Stop in at any Upright or Alderaan Coffee to get your own lavender latte or cappuccino.

Now you can make your own lavender latte at home. Order Upright Roastings french lavender simple syrup here.