Easiest Coffee Pour Over – Clever Dripper

If only Upright Coffee was a bit larger so we could have space for a pour over bar. We would definitely have some Clever Drippers on the bar. I just bought one of these to play with and I love it! This dripper combines the clean coffee taste of a v60 pour over with the deep complex flavors of a french press. Unlike a french press this brewer doesn’t leave all the coffee sediment at the bottom of your cup.

The Clever Dripper looks very similar to most pour over devices. The big difference is the valve at the bottom of the brewer. When the Clever is placed on a  flat surface the valve is closed and the coffee is held in the cone for the desired amount of time. Once the CLever is placed on top of a mug or a serving glass the valve opens automatically and the coffee is dispensed. Its a simple idea and it works perfectly.

Clever Dripper Coffee MakerBuy the Clever Dripper Pour Over Coffee Maker here »

Clever Dripper Brewing Instructions

  1. Insert a paper filter into the brewer then rinse with hot water. Place Clever on top of a mug or carafe to dispense the hot water.
  2. Weigh out 20 grams of coffee and grind to a medium-coarse grind and pour the grinds into the paper filter.
  3. Pour 300 grams of water over the grounds. Make sure to fully saturate the coffee, then start your timer.
  4. After 30 seconds, stir the grounds and cover the Clever with its lid.
  5. At the 3:30 minutes mark put the Clever onto your mug or carafe so start dispensing the coffee. It should take about 30 seconds to drain. Enjoy!

You can get reusable filters for the Clever Dripper here »

Alderaan Coffee in Milwaukee Wisconsin has a great brew bar using Clever Drippers. Check them out.