Upright Coffee New Hours

Upright Coffee has new hours, open later

Greenpoints have been knocking on our door after hours, calling us Uptight for long enough. You asked for it and now we are open longer to serve your caffeine addiction. Stop in and say hi.

Weekdays from 7am to 7pm
Saturday from 8am to 7pm
Sunday from 8am to 6pm.

UPDATE: OK I guess we are a little uptight. We tried staying open until 8pm but no one showed up. Now we close at 7pm during the week and on Saturday.


Bodum Bistro Pour Over Coffee Maker

Bodum Bistro Drip Coffee Machine

Its easy to make a great cup of coffee at home with a simple Hario pour over set up at home but some times you really just want the convenience of a simple coffee maker. Bodum has come out with their “Bistro” pour over coffee maker that will hopefully bring together the best of both worlds.

The Bistro will bring your water up to the correct brewing temperature and evenly distribute it over the grinds. We have not gotten our hands on one yet but are eager to give it a shot so see how well it does.

Buy the Bodum Bistro Drip Machine Here »


Beautiful French Press by Freud

Freud French Press


A bit out of my price range at $110 but its worth looking at this stunning wooden handled french press coffee maker by Freud. This french press combines a wooden handle with a stainless steel body. You can pick yours up here

Be sure to check out some of the other items designed by Freud;

Classic Milk & Sugar Pourer Set

Freud Classic Milk Sugar Pourer Set

Milk & Sugar Ball Set

Freud Milk and Sugar Ball set

Teaball with Wood Handle

Freud Teaball with Wood Handle

Wooden Pepper/Salt Mill

Freud Wood Pepper Grinder


In Caffeine We Trust Poster

I just came across this amazing poster at The “In Caffeine We Trust” poster is an infographic print our customers can use for tracking their caffeine consumption. What better way to track your coffee intake then by using coffee as the ink to mark up this poster.

Brilliant idea and a beautiful execution.

In Caffeine We Trust Poster

In Caffeine We Trust Poster

We are always looking for interesting coffee related posters. Feel free to leave a comment with a link to something cool.



Upright will be Open Christmas Day

Happy Holidays from Upright Coffee 2011

Happy Holidays everyone! Upright Coffee will be open Christmas day from 8am to noon.


Espresso Cup

illy espresso cup

We are in search of the perfect espresso cup. I’m really happy with our current Bodum pavina cups but I always have my eye open for other interesting or beautiful espresso cups. Not just any cup will do. It must be great looking and have the correct feel. Its also important that the cup not loose temperature too quickly as this would spoil your espresso.

Most espresso cups are made from porcelain. A nice thick cup can be brought up to temperature by filling it with boiling water before pulling a shot of espresso into it. A thick cup will hold its temperature for a while giving you a chance to enjoy your espresso with out having it cool off. has a great article about porcelain weight and thickness here.



Iced Cappuccino with a Milk Frother

BonJour Milk Frother

We have had a few requests over the summer for iced cappuccinos. My first response is to always offer up an iced latte as we don’t currently have iced cappuccinos on the menu. Honestly iced cappuccinos are a bi of a mystery to me. I started to think that what our customers were looking for was a drink similar to an iced latte but with textured milk.

After experimenting with normal methods of steaming milk and then pouring over an iced shot of espresso, it became apparent that this is a bad way of going about making an iced cappuccino. The hot milk over the ice melts and waters down the drink immediately.

Then I cam across a post in LifeHacker explaining how to use a french press to make a foamed milk cappuccino. This is what I was looking for. While they call for heated milk, the same technique can be used with cold milk. Using a french press as a milk frother, we can texture the milk with out actually steaming it and making it hot.

After looking around a bit it turns out that there are multiple companies selling items that look just like french presses but are made specifically for frothing milk. I picked this one up at amazon and will be playing with it this winter. By next summer we should have iced cappuccinos added to our menu.

I know this is nothing new to many of you. It was a fun road of discovery and I wanted to share with everyone. Feel free to comment with any techniques or hints.


Goliath Sportswear on Drop Coffee

Goliath sportswear has launched its “Attention to Detail” advertising campaign. They highlight “Drop Coffee” as the perfect place to get a “genius” cup of coffee. We love their website with beautifully done videos and some really well done user interface. There is even a layer of learning involved as they describe the process of making coffee. Be sure to check the site out here

A small cup of wonder from Goliath Sportswear on Vimeo.
There are 20 chapters to this collection;

  1. The Cupping Cup
  2. We Love the Smell of Coffee in the Morning
  3. The Perfect Cup
  4. To See is to Know
  5. Don’t Ever Be with out This
  6. Coffee Books
  7. Spreading the Love
  8. Managing Expectations
  9. A Little On the Side
  10. We Are Champions
  11. The Coffee Connections
  12. Keep it Small, Keep it Tasty
  13. Know Your Beans
  14. The Ethiopian Connection
  15. The Clouds
  16. It’s in the Grind
  17. Keeping it Honest
  18. Any Time Any Temperature
  19. Grind Your Own
  20. Coffee Tweets

Coffee Vendor T-shirt Design

Coffee T-Shirt Vendor

We stumbled across this awesome design for a coffee vendor t-shirt. Hope it gets voted into production one day. Check it out on Threadless

Great work by David Staffell.

You may have noticed that we are huge fans of Stop in at Upright when Daniel is working and you’ll probably see him wearing one of his many cool Threadless t-shirts.


Map of Specialty Coffee in Manhattan

Coffee Map Manhattan Charrow

We just stumbled across this amazing Coffee Map of Manhattan by Charrow. Its too bad Upright Coffee is not open on Hudson Street. We’ll have to get on the next version of this map. Check it out at or buy one for yourself.